Chicago Regional 2024

January 18-19, 2024

221 N Columbus Drive Chicago, IL

About the Event

The 2024 Chicago Regional and Boot Camp will take place January 18 -19 at the Radisson Blu.  We look forward to seeing you there.

We will be kickstarting with our traditional Chicago Bootcamp lead by Frank Botta who has been working hard to assemble a very interesting and profound discussion into Insurance within our industry. We will learn from insurance industry experts, private practice attorneys and in-house counsel.

The Regional Seminar will take place on Friday, January 19th, 2024. This year, we are focusing on the impact of technology in our industry. The speed and continued sophistication of technology keeps us constantly on our edge, trying to be informed and striving to keep up with all the news and developments. Electrification, automation, charging stations, sustainable fuels and digitalization are normal day to day matters that influence our work and our client’s operations and risks. We will take a brief pause to dive and analyze where we have been and where we are going with transportation and technology.  Joelle Nelson and Carlos M. Sesma Jr. have joined efforts as Co-Chairs for the 2024 Chicago Regional and have structured a very interesting program to be able to dive into the implications of technology from different perspectives.

We hope to see you there!

Check out the CLE program for more details.

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CLE Schedule

Introductions and Welcome by Frank Botta, Boot ‎Camp Chair

Eric Benton, TLA President
Joelle Nelson, 2024 Chicago Regional Seminar Co-Chair
Carlos Sesma, Jr., 2024 Chicago Regional Seminar Co-Chair

‎“Transportation Insurance Claims — From the ISO form, to the Motor Carrier, to the Claims Handling”‎

Learn about ISO forms, what they are and how the work.  The panel will explain the theory behind the ISO form, that it seeks to provide consistency and predictability in insurance coverages, in order to avoid having different jurisdictions interpreting the insurance contract in different ways. The panel will discuss the terms and conditions within the various parts of the ISO forms for Auto and General Liability Coverages, as well for ISO forms for other coverages, such as cargo, inland marine, non-trucking, and others.  The panel will then discuss the motor carrier side, particularly how those ISO coverages fit in to the needs of a leading supply chain services company, as well as when and why a non-ISO coverage may be better suitedFinally, the panel will explore how those ISO and non-ISO coverages play out in the claims handling realm, including what coverage issues may arise in litigation

Moderator: ‎ Timothy Groustra, Managing Attorney, Dickie McCamey, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

Presenters: ‎ Chase Carmichael, J.D., CIC, Director, Risk & Compliance, Transportation & Logistics Practice, Commercial Risk Solutions, Aon, Little Rock, AR; Blake Deitrich, General Counsel, Quantix, Louisville, KY; Lynae McGill, Claims Manager, Nationwide E & S/Specialty Claims

‎“What’s a Freight Broker to Do?: Insurance Coverages Needed for New Norm”‎

There was a time when freight brokers operated in a fairly risk-free environment, arranging loads while avoiding any liability—contractual or otherwise. There wasn’t even a need for a specialized insurance product for brokers then. But those days are gone. The number and size of brokers have since proliferated. There is a new norm. To compete with the biggest motor carriers to sign on the largest customers, brokers have become more willing to accept contractual liabilities, making them a target if something goes wrong. With brokers’ pervasive role in interstate transportation, plaintiffs, with the help of the courts, also created tort theories to find liability where it didn’t exist before. With most motor carriers having only $1 million in coverage for auto liability claims, larger brokers with higher limits face negligent hiring and vicarious liability claims for arranging the transportation of property with a motor carrier that is subsequently involved in a motor vehicle accident. Specifically, juries have awarded damages to plaintiffs where the broker selected an unsafe carrier or exerted too much control over the carrier or driver involved in the accident. When serious injuries or fatalities are involved, jury verdicts can be multimillion-dollar amounts. Cargo claims involving high-value shipments can also result in huge losses. With brokers taking on primary liability for larger customers, a need exists for cargo insurance solutions too. 

For freight brokers to be in the best position to defend and be protected from such claims, the Panel will discuss the “gold standard” for protecting a freight broker’s operations and stakeholders. Those coverage lines include:  Third-Party Liabilities; Hired / Non-Owned Auto Liability; Contingent Auto Liability; Cargo / Contingent Cargo; Errors & Omissions; Excess Towers; and available Shippers Interest Coverage. 

Moderator: ‎ Jeffrey Simmons, Phoenix, AZ 

Presenters:‎ Patrick Bobo, Chief Legal Officer, U.S. Multimodal Group, Denver, CO; Brett McGinnis, Executive Vice President, National Transportation Practice, McGriff Insurance Services, Portland, OR; William Worthington, Vice President, Shippers Interest, Falvey Insurance Group, North Kingstown, RI

‎“Where we are Today: Contract Logistics in the Modern Era”‎​

This panel will explore insurance coverage from the in-house perspective of a motor carrier, as well as insurance coverage expectations coming from brokers and other parties with whom motor carriers transact business.  Our seasoned professionals provide insight into coverage required by applicable state and federal agencies, available coverage on the market and practical considerations like cost, liability exposure and tolerance therefor.  Bonus material includes tips and pointers for in-house contract negotiations and best practices relating to motor carrier insurance

Moderator: Sandra Hiller, General Counsel, The Dart Network, Eagan, MN

Presenters: Daniel Johnson, McGriff Insurance Solutions, Little Rock, AR; Jason Orleans, Coyote Logistics, LLC, Chicago, IL; Matt Grimm, Greenwich Transportation Underwriters, Inc., Brentwood, TN​

Opening Remarks and Introductions

Eric Benton, TLA President
Joelle Nelson, 2024 Chicago Regional Seminar Co-Chair
Carlos Sesma, Jr., 2024 Chicago Regional Seminar Co-Chair

Self-introductions of Participants

AI – New Technology and Impacts on Cargo Today and Tomorrow.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to influence the shipping industry and delivers considerable benefits to supply chains and shipping operations. This panel will discuss as well as educate on the different types of AI platforms being utilized to transform the industry. There is no question that AI has the potential to revolutionize supply chains and improve efficiency, safety, and profitability. Finally, this panel will outline and address the impact AI will have on cargo regulation and litigation.

Moderator: William “Billy” Davis, Partner, Bovis Kyle Burch & Medlin, LLC, Atlanta, GA

Panelists: Jeffrey E. Cox, Partner, Law Office of Seaton & Husk, LP, Vienna, VA; Joseph J. Goldberg, Partner, Cole Scott & Kissane, PA; Beata Shapiro, Partner, Wilson Elser, Boston MA; Fredric Marcinak, Partner, Moseley Marcinak Law Group LLP, Greenville, SC; Thomas S. Ehrhardt, Shareholder, Kopka Pinkus Dolin PC, Hobart, IN

“Legal, Economic and Business Implications of Nearshoring in North America”

“Nearshoring,” the inverse of offshoring, means that companies are progressively transferring part or all of their production to countries close to their markets and with similar time zones, in order to minimize the effects of disruptions in supply chains. We will hear from our panelists from very different perspectives as to how the Nearshoring effect in North America is generating unsuspected economic growth for the region and growth will continue for the foreseeable future. We will explore the legal and business implications of Nearshoring that will help you prepare your practice for the international business your clients will certainly be engaged in. 

Moderator: Arturo Rivera, Partner, Sesma, Sesma y McNeese, Mexico City, Mexico

Panelists: Eduardo Haros, Owner/CEO, Racing Cargo, S. A. de C. V., Monterrey, NL, Mexico; Eric A. Baker, Partner, Frost, Brown, Todd Attorneys, Indianapolis, IN; Peter A. Quinter, Shareholder, Gunster, Miami, FL 

“Ethics – To Work From Home or Not To Work From Home?!”

This ethics panel will be focused on the discussion of working at the office or working from home. There is now a growing push for workers to return to the office full time. The discussion has truly divided all work communities, but especially the legal community. When workplaces are restructured based on a tectonic shift – many questions arise – ranging from how to properly supervise, to timely evaluation of productivity, to effective mentoring.  This panel is sure to generate an excellent and high-level debate.

Moderator: Kristen Johnson, Chief Legal Officer, Cargomatic

Panelists: Alyssa Milby, Associate, Taylor Nelson, St. Petersburg, Florida; Jill Wilkie, Partner, Miller Thomson, Calgary, Canada; David Greenspan, Partner, McGuireWoods, Washington, D.C.

“New Transportation Technology – Digital Networks, Freight, and Autonomous Vehicles”

In a constantly and rapidly changing digital world, there are constant improvements and advancements in technology available to those in the transportation industry.  This panel will explore the functionalities of technologies, such as GPS tracking, digital brokering, digital records keeping, vehicle safety advancements (and requirements for the same), as well as a discussion of fully autonomous vehicles.  With these advancements come increased efficiency, but also the potential for more complicated discovery in litigation.  We will explore the potential for cost savings, efficiencies, and environmental impacts of these new technologies. 

Moderator: Chris Cotter, Roetzel & Andress, Akron, OH 

Panelists: Ryan Eckert, Arrive Logistics; Daniel Sbanotto, General Counsel, Uber Freight, Springdale, Arkansas; Marc Knoop, Chief Technology Officer, Traffix 

“Accident Reconstruction and Impact of New and Improved Technology with Accident Reconstruction Demonstration.”

This program addresses new and improved technologies that are utilized in the analysis of Accident Reconstruction.  This panel will discuss and demonstrate how new and improved technology can aid in a fleets safety record as well as prevent claims. Further, the panel will explain how new technologies aid both new and experienced attorneys in defending claims against both motor carrier and brokers, which they can immediately utilize in their practice.

Moderator: Matthew Koch, Shareholder, Marwedel, Minichello & Reeb, P.C., Chicago, IL

Panelists: James Whelan, P.E., Beacon Forensic, Richmond, VA; Katherine Vaughn, Director of Claims Management, DB Schenker, Van Buren, Arkansas; Ashley Winsky, Partner, Gentry Locke, Richmind, VA  

‎“Technology: Claims Handling and In-House Perspectives Today and Into the Future.”

Claims handling and In-House management of claims is innovating. Business models, services and processes are rapidly evolving, largely backed by technological developments. This discussion will address the potential legal risks as well as benefits new technology presents and how to effectively defend claims, while comparing and contrasting defense strategies from both the claims handling and in-house perspectives.

Moderator: Christopher M. Kelly, Gallivan White Boyd

Panelists: Deacon Jamie Schilling, CBCS Inc., MU Claims Manager; Neal Krokosky, Deputy General Counsel, Litigation, Transdev North America.

“Social Inflation, Nuclear Verdicts, and Nuclear Options”

Shifts in societal attitudes, coupled with advances in technology and influential social media, has contributed to both corporate anger and inflated jury awards. This panel will address how technology effects jury attention and changing dynamics on the courtroom. Further, should a case go nuclear, what nuclear options are available for appropriate asset protection planning, in accordance with subchapter 5 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Moderator: Matt Barrette, Blitch Westley Barrette, S.C.

Panelists: Alexander Karcher, Roetzel & Andress; Richard Westley, Blitch Westley Barrette

Meet the Co-Chairs

Untitled design (9)

Frank Botta

Frank Botta is a Partner and Chair of the Transportation, Litigation, Labor and Employment ‎and Alternative Dispute Practice Group. Frank has a deep understanding of the issues faced by companies in the transportation ‎industry and decades of experience counseling local, regional, national and international ‎clients in logistics, supply chain and transportation operations. He has served as the ‎President of The Transportation Lawyers Association (2017-2018), an independent, ‎international bar association whose members assist providers and/or commercial users of ‎logistics and transportation services, and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the ‎Canadian Transportation Lawyers’ Association.‎ In addition to his transportation practice, Frank has extensive experience in advising and ‎assisting clients with labor and employment matters including employment discrimination, ‎sexual harassment, unfair labor practice, union election campaigns, collective bargaining, ‎grievances and commercial and corporate litigation in both federal and state courts. He ‎counsels clients with employment-related investigations involving claims of employee ‎misconduct and also with workplace incidents involving the Occupational Safety and Health ‎Act (OSHA). He represents companies before federal and state agencies including the ‎Department of Labor, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), National Labor ‎Relations Board (NLRB), Office of Federal Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and Pennsylvania ‎Human Relations Commission (PHRC). Frank is an experienced trial attorney who has successfully litigated in a spectrum of civil ‎disputes in both state and federal court systems in a variety of complex commercial ‎litigation matters and has represented national companies before the Third and Fifth Circuit ‎Courts of Appeal. He also is a trained mediator with the U.S. District Court for the Western District of ‎Pennsylvania and an arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association. He has served as ‎the Management Chair of the American Bar Association Labor and Employment Section, ‎Alternative Dispute Resolution Section. In addition, Frank has been certified as a Major ‎League Baseball player agent and represented players for 13 years. Frank earned his J.D. from Temple University School of Law and a B.A. in Economics from ‎Washington and Jefferson College. He is rated AV Preeminent, the highest peer rating ‎standard, by Martindale-Hubbel as well as a 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 Super Lawyer.‎ Prior to joining The Lynch Law Group Frank served as in-house counsel at Caliber Systems, Inc. ‎‎(formerly known as Roadway Services, Inc. and RPS, Inc.). Most recently he was Vice President ‎and General Counsel for Samuels and Son Seafood Co., Inc., the largest seafood wholesaler in ‎the Northeast region.‎

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Joelle Nelson

Equity Partner, Vice-Chair, National General Liability Practice, Vice-Chair, National ‎Transportation Practice. South Texas College of Law, Jruis Doctor University of Southern Maine, Bachelor of Science .

Carlos M. Sesma Jr.

Senior Partner, Sesma Sesma & McNeese. Carlos M. Sesma Minevielle specializes in monitoring and negotiating international agreements in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and strategic alliances. Creation of a successful implementation of business strategies to enter the Mexican market. Change of direction of foreign companies interested in making business in Mexico. Legal monitoring of business.

Meet the Speakers

Our bench of speakers includes some well-established and successful designers who are known to be ruling the industry for years. Join the seminar and take a step closer to being an expert.

Alexander Karcher

Alex Karcher is an attorney with the Columbus, Ohio office of Roetzel & Andress, L.P.A. His practice is focused on the modern supply chain, assisting transportation and logistics clients in a wide array of matters, including regulatory and compliance, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (and state equivalent) audit representation, safety consulting, contract review and drafting – such as broker-carrier, shipper-carrier, independent contractor/owner operator, and warehousing agreements – and obtainment of state and federal motor carrier and brokerage authorities. In addition, a large portion of Alex’s practice involves transactional matters, including due diligence work specific to transactions involving significant transportation components. Having handled a variety of business-to-business and transportation-related cases, such as prosecution and defense of Carmack claims, and employment disputes, Alex is also an experienced litigator in state and federal courts throughout the country, and is currently admitted to the bar in Ohio and Wisconsin, and admitted to the Northern and Southern District Courts of Ohio, the Western District Court of Michigan, and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Alex is a proud graduate of The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law.

Alyssa Milby

Alyssa Milby is an associate attorney serving at the firm of Taylor Nelson in its corporate practice group. Prior to joining Taylor Nelson, Alyssa’s practice consisted of first-party property insurance matters as well as commercial disputes related to construction and real estate. Alyssa received her J.D. from University of Kentucky College of Law. She received her undergraduate degree in Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication from Transylvania University located in Lexington, Kentucky.

Arturo Rivera

Junior Partner at the firm Sesma, Sesma & McNeese, S.C. in Mexico City. Law degree by the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM), with specialized studies in constitutional law as well as civil & commercial litigation. Practice areas primarily focused in transportation & logistics, followed by corporate governance, administrative law, government procurement & public tenders; mainly representing international clients expanding into the Mexican transportation and logistics market. Served as general counsel for over six years in two cutting-edge technology companies in the renewable energy and medical sectors, assisting in the creation of multi-national distribution channels into the LATAM region. An active member of the Transportation Lawyers Association and the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico.

Ashley Winsky

Ashley Winsky is a partner at Gentry Locke’s Richmond, Virginia office. She specializes in defending motor carriers against personal injury claims resulting from roadway accidents. She has over a decade of experience defending trucking companies in catastrophic injury, brain injury, spine injury, and wrongful death cases. Ashley responds to accident scenes throughout the Commonwealth and works with experts in the fields of human factors, biodynamics, and accident reconstruction. Her trucking clients range from small, family-owned operations to some of the nation’s largest truckload carriers. Ashley is a member of American Trucking Association (ATA), the Transportation Lawyers Association (TLA), the Transportation Defense Advocates Council (TDAC), and Immediate Past Chair of the Virginia Bar Association’s Transportation Section. She has been consistently recognized in the transportation arena by Chambers USA and was recently named an “Up and Coming” lawyer in Nationwide Transportation: Road (Carriage/ Logistics). In 2019, she was selected as a “Rising Star” in Transportation by Legal 500. For the past eleven years, Ashley has been recognized in Virginia Super Lawyers by her peers. She maintains an AV Preeminent peer rating with Martindale-Hubbell. In 2022, Virginia Lawyer's Weekly honored Ashley with an Influential Woman of Law Award. Ashley is a graduate of George Mason's Antonin Scalia Law School. She is licensed to practice in all state and federal courts in Virginia, West Virginia state courts, and the Southern District of West Virginia.

Beata Shapiro

Beata Shapiro is a Partner with Wilson Elser in the Boston office. She has extensive experience ‎representing national and international entities and individuals in personal injury, wrongful death and ‎property damage claims, as well as emergency response matters. She also advises clients on and handles ‎matters related to regulatory compliance, administrative actions, acquisitions, contracts, employee ‎guidelines and licensing issues. Beata has represented clients from 32 states and 7 countries, including all ‎provinces of Canada, helping them achieve their business objectives, minimize exposure, mitigate risk ‎and recover losses. She likewise defends clients in litigation. Beata has a B.A. from Boston College and ‎obtained her M.B.A. and J.D. from Northeastern University.‎

Billy Davis

William “Billy” Davis is a partner with Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin, LLC in Atlanta. He defends ‎businesses and professionals against a variety of contract and tort claims including commercial ‎trucking/transportation, products liability, professional negligence, premises liability, ‎industrial/catastrophic accidents, contractual obligations and insurance coverage. In additional to handling ‎individual matters throughout the state of Georgia, Billy also serves as national coordinating counsel for ‎several clients, leading investigation and pre-litigation strategy for claims across the country. He is the ‎chairperson of the Technology and Social Media Committee for TLA.‎

Blake Deitrich

Blake Deitrich is the General Counsel for Quantix SCS, LLC (f/k/a A&R Logistics, Inc.), one of the leading supply chain services companies to the chemical industry. In her role as GC, she oversees all Quantix legal affairs, including commercial contracts, labor and employment law, risk management, litigated auto claims, corporate and regulatory compliance, and M&A activity. Blake also oversees all Property & Casualty insurance coverage lines and manages the renewal process for Quantix. Blake has over 10 years’ experience in the trucking and logistics industry has been practicing law for 18 years. Prior to joining Quantix, Blake worked at a general practice litigation law firm before then managing her own PLLC, with a practice focused on litigation and appellate and supreme court brief writing.

Brett McGinnis

Brett joined McGriff in 2007 to partner in the leadership and development of the National Transportation Practice. Prior to McGriff, Brett worked for the Marsh Transportation Practice and lead a large expansion of a regional Great West agency, RIS. Having been in the insurance industry for the past 35 years, Brett’s focus has always been in the transportation industry with client experience including WWEX/UNI/GTZ, ECHO Global Logistics, Radiant Global Logistics, UShip, Amazon, TI/NTG, Curri, TF Worldwide, XPO and several others for coverage design, placement and oversight. Brett has also developed the insurance programs of, as an innovator to streamline transactional coverage solutions for the transportation and logistics industries. Brett has extensive experience in program design, market negotiations, alternative risk solutions and collateral management. Over 90% of his client base requires these services and he, along with other team members, are in the marketplace each and every day staying abreast of the latest market trends in supporting not only their client’s risk needs but also drive channel solutions for their profitability and growth as well.

Chase Carmichael

Director, Risk & Compliance - Transportation & Logistics Practice 315 West Third Street, Little Rock, AR  72201 t +1.501.918.4783  |  m +1.870.814-9898  Responsibilities Chase Carmichael is a member of Aon’s Transpiration & Logistics Practice based in Little Rock, Arkansas. He draws on his experience representing insurance companies and their insureds in state and federal court to assist in evaluating their risks. Experience Prior to joining Aon in 2019, Mr. Carmichael was a partner at the Roberts Law Firm, PA, in Little Rock, Arkansas. His experience has concentrated on civil litigation, commercial litigation, workers’ compensation, product liability, premises liability, wrongful death, personal auto, commercial truck, insurance coverage, and general commercial liability. Mr. Carmichael has tried cases to judges, juries, and administrative law judges. Additionally, he has resolved numerous claims through alternative dispute resolution. Expertise Mr. Carmichael’s expertise includes risk management, compliance, contracts, insurance law, tort law, and legal analysis. Education Mr. Carmichael holds a BS in Political Science & History from Ouachita Baptist University and a JD from the University of Arkansas School of Law. He is licensed to practice law in the State of Arkansas and the federal courts; he is also a licensed insurance producer in Arkansas

Chris Cotter

Chris Cotter. Shareholder with Roetzel and Andress, LPA. Currently serving as the Practice Group Manager of the Transportation Group at the firm. -- B.S. from Miami (of Ohio) University -- J.D. from University of Dayton School of Law Admitted to practice law in Ohio and Kentucky state and federal courts, and the Southern District of Indiana federal court.

Christopher Kelly

Christopher M. Kelly is the partner in charge of the firm’s Charlotte, North Carolina, office and a member of the Firm’s Executive Committee. He focuses his practice on complex litigation which includes commercial transportation law, business and commercial litigation, serious personal injury litigation, product liability disputes, insurance law, professional negligence, construction defect and appellate representation. Chris is also the Firm’s Commercial Transportation Team Leader.

Daniel Sbanotto

Daniel has served as in-house counsel in varying capacity for leading transportation companies for ‎nearly 10 years. He is currently the VP of Legal at Uber Freight US, a leading provider of transportation ‎management services and logistics technology in North America and Europe. He is responsible for ‎complex contracting, leases, litigation management, risk mitigation, corporate management and ‎governance, and insurance management across the company. Prior to Uber Freight, he worked as the ‎director of legal affairs for ER Assist, a software development company focused on emergency grant ‎management. Mr. Sbanotto earned his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Central Arkansas ‎and his J.D from the University of Arkansas School of Law where he contributed to the Arkansas Real ‎Estate Review. He is currently an active member in the Conference of Freight Counsel and ‎Transportation Lawyers Association. Located in Northwest Arkansas, he enjoys spending time with his ‎wife and two young children and the various activities that region has to offer. ‎

Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson helps lead McGriff’s Transportation and Logistics broking and marketing team handling complex casualty placements as well as program design and innovation. Daniel has been in the industry 12 years focusing on the risk and insurance needs of transportation and logistics clients. Daniel maintains particular expertise in asset-light logistics & freight broking, digital economy, independent contractors, truckload, less-than-truckload, moving & storage, courier and final mile sectors. His experience includes alternative risk management structures, such as structured programs, risk retention groups, as well as domestic and off-shore captives. Daniel is located in Little Rock, AR.

David Greenspan

David Greenspan is a trial lawyer whose practice focuses on proactive counseling and aggressive litigation of employee mobility disputes and complex employment matters. David works with his clients to identify and resolve issues before they become adversarial in nature. David also serves his clients as a zealous advocate in litigation, arbitration and other administrative proceedings.

Eduardo Haros

Eduardo "Lalo" Haros, hailing from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, was born with a clear ‎vision: to transcend. With over 25 years of experience in international logistics and foreign ‎trade, he is the founder and CEO of Racing Cargo, a globally-reaching freight forwarder ‎specializing in foreign trade and supply chain management.‎ Starting with ground services between Mexico, the United States, and Canada, Racing ‎Cargo evolved in 2008 by incorporating global maritime and air freight services. With offices ‎in various Mexican cities and a presence in Saltillo, Torreón, San Luis Potosí, León, ‎Guadalajara, Querétaro, Mérida, Puebla, and Mexico City, the company expanded ‎internationally, boasting a workforce of over 250 employees and a direct presence in Brazil ‎and China, along with offices in Hong Kong, Germany, and Italy (2024). Additionally, it ‎operates a warehouse in Laredo, Texas.‎ Racing Cargo offers a comprehensive range of services, from land, sea, and air freight to ‎storage and cargo tracking. The company specializes in dynamic sectors of foreign trade ‎such as metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, technology, food, and household goods, ‎with automotive and aerospace industries being its strongest pillars.‎ Eduardo Haros highlights the nearshoring trend benefiting Mexican businesses. Through ‎the Project Cargo solution, Racing Cargo assists companies in moving entire plants from one ‎country to another, providing comprehensive support for exports and imports.‎

Eric A. Baker

Eric understands the business, regulatory, environmental and economic challenges facing ‎companies today; he spent 18 years serving as general counsel in the transportation industry, ‎during which time he was also president of an international transportation operating division. As ‎a former corporate officer and general counsel, Eric was involved in determining the strategic ‎direction of companies, managing legal matters, reviewing and drafting employment policies ‎and documents, and reviewing and drafting commercial contracts. His experience includes ‎mergers and acquisitions, international and domestic commercial real estate, corporate ‎compliance and governance, employment law, intellectual property and international licensing ‎and authorized representative agreements.‎ Eric’s focus as a member of FBT’s Supply Chain industry team is on mergers and acquisitions, ‎corporate transactions and general corporate and regulatory matters. Eric also assists in ‎defending clients in commercial litigation, employment issues, personal injury matters and ‎liability issues.‎ Eric is also President of Transaction Expeditors (TE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Frost ‎Brown Todd. TE is a strategic technology & innovation company with deep experience in the ‎insurance, transportation and mergers and acquisition verticals. TE offers AI-enabled contract ‎review and redlining solutions that help companies do more with less. TE makes contract ‎review easier and helps companies close deals faster utilizing people, process and technology.‎

C. Fredric Marcinak‎

Fredric has 15 years of experience representing transportation companies, including both carriers and ‎intermediaries, regionally and nationwide on casualty/accident and commercial litigation matters, ‎including cargo/freight claims, collections/contract disputes, FMCSA and state regulatory compliance and ‎permitting matters, and insurance coverage cases. In these litigation matters, he has tried multiple cases ‎to verdicts before juries and handled appeals for transportation clients. He is an honor graduate of The ‎Citadel after which he graduated magna cum laude from the University of South Carolina School of Law. ‎He also has an LL.M. with distinction in International Criminal Law from the University of Sussex.‎

James Whelan

Mr. Whelan is a Licensed Professional Engineer and United States Patent Agent. His work is performed in support of accident reconstruction, litigation, intellectual property disputes, product recalls, insurance investigations, and industrial problem solving. He has investigated, analyzed and reconstructed accidents involving vehicles, machines, mechanical systems and industrial equipment. He has also critiqued product infringements within the scope of patent protection. Mr. Whelan has provided expert testimony in numerous legal jurisdictions. He is a member of several professional organizations including the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM), National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists (NAPARS), and American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University. He has worked on projects in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Trucking and Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Accident reconstruction experience includes analysis of accident causation, avoidance opportunity, visibility, conspicuity, heavy truck ECM and “black box” electronic data retrieval and interpretation, vehicle dynamics, speed-time-distance analysis, occupant kinematics, light bulb filament analysis, photogrammetry, vehicle inspections, heavy vehicle brake inspections, cargo securement and low speed impact analysis. Casework has involved automobiles, tractor trailers, trucks, buses, armored vehicles, emergency response vehicles, forklift trucks, trains, motorcycles, bicycles, construction equipment, farm equipment and pedestrians.

Jamie Schilling

Jamie is a Claims Manager in CBCS's Liability Department. As a MCU Claims Manager, Jamie is responsible for the oversight, navigation and resolution of the serious and complex claims for CBCS and their Carrier Partners. Jamie was born and raised in the Dubuque area. He began his career working in retail management with Walmart Stores, Inc. he received Walmart's resignation "Rising Star" in 1998 and 1999. Jamie recently completed deaconate training in the Diocese of Rockford, Illinois. He was ordained to the order of Deacon in September 2020 in the Roman Catholic Church.

Jason Orleans

Jason Orleans is an attorney with Coyote Logistics, LLC’s legal team based in Chicago, where he focuses on customer and carrier contracts, and litigation, which includes developing defense and resolution strategies with outside counsel. He has a wealth of transportation law experience from his work at several firms, having litigated on behalf of motor carriers, freight brokers, and insurers in trucking incident cases, contractual, and insurance disputes. Jason’s practice has also included insurance coverage and cargo claims litigation under the Carmack Amendment, COGSA, and the Montreal Convention. Recently, Jason drafted amicus briefs on the issue of federal preemption under the FAAAA, in the 2021 U.S. Supreme Court case of Miller v. C.H. Robinson and in the 2022 Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals case of Ying Ye v. GlobalTranz. He has served as an Executive Committee Member of the Transportation Lawyers Association. Jason holds a BA from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign where he graduated Cum Laude in Sociology/Liberal Arts and was Phi Beta Kappa, and he earned his J.D. from the Chicago Kent-College of Law. He is licensed to practice in Illinois, Wisconsin, and numerous federal district and appellate courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

Jeff Cox

Jeff Cox is a partner of the Virginia based law firm of Seaton & Husk, LP which specializes in ‎representing motor carriers, brokers and other transportation entities. He has been representing clients ‎in the field of transportation law for over fourteen years.‎ Jeff handles issues such as: freight claims, freight charge collection, contracting issues, citation defense, ‎carrier representation before the FMCSA and bankruptcy issues. He is licensed to practice law in ‎Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., the Federal Courts of each, and the U.S. District Court for the ‎District of Colorado. He is a member of the Transportation Lawyers Association, Conference of Freight ‎Counsel and the Maryland Motor Truck Association. ‎ Jeff is a graduate of The American University (B.A. 2003) and the George Mason School of Law (J.D. ‎‎2008).‎

Jeffrey Simmons

Jeff Simmons most recently served as the Senior Vice President of Legal and Risk for the combined companies of GlobalTranz, Worldwide Express and Unishippers. Before the merger of the companies in July 2021, Jeff had served as Chief Legal Officer of GlobalTranz since March 2016.  Jeff joined GlobalTranz after spending 30 years in private practice, most recently with the national law firm of Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP.  While in private practice, he represented motor, rail, ocean and air carriers, as well as brokers, before courts, regulatory agencies and in contract negotiations.  Jeff completed his one-year term as President of the Transportation Lawyers Association in May 2020 and is a past Chairman of the Conference of Freight Counsel.    While in private practice, Jeff was named in the Best Lawyers in America® in the field of Transportation Law and in Southwest Super Lawyers® in the area of Transportation/Maritime Law.  In 2014, he received the Transportation Lawyers Association’s Distinguished Service Award.  Jeff received First Chair’s Top General Counsel Award in 2017.  Jeff is a 1983 graduate of Georgetown University and a 1986 graduate of the University of Arizona College of Law. 

Jill Wilke

Jill Wilkie is a Partner at Miller Thomson LLP in Calgary, Alberta. Jill attended the University of Calgary for her undergraduate degree in law and society, which she completed in 2003, as well as for her law degree which she completed in 2006. Jill was called to the Alberta Bar in 2007. Jill is a trusted advisor to employers and specializes in advising on all aspects of labour and employment law. Jill has developed significant expertise in assisting clients in the health, manufacturing and education industries, as well as in Alberta’s Indigenous communities. Jill presents frequently on topics of interest to employers, is a member of the Canadian Association of Counsel to Employers and sits on the Judicial Council for Alberta. Jill is a member of Miller Thomson's National Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility Committee.

John Nunnally

John is a senior litigator with 30 years of trial experience. His practice is focused on civil litigation and insurance defense, particularly construction, transportation and premises and product liability. He has tried over 75 jury trials to verdict over his career. John defends architects, engineers and other design professionals against professional negligence claims. His transportation law practice is concentrated on the defense of trucking companies.

Joseph J. Goldberg

Joseph J. Goldberg is a Partner in the firm’s Miami and Key West offices. Mr. Goldberg practices in the areas of Personal Injury Litigation, Trucking Accident Defense, Negligent Security, Sex Trafficking/Human Trafficking Defense, Condominium & Homeowners’ Association Law and Vehicle Negligence. Mr. Goldberg attended the University of Florida where he received a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management. While at the University of Florida, Mr. Goldberg served as the Student Body President. During that period, he also served on the University of Florida Board of Trustees, and on the board of directors of the University of Florida Alumni Association, University of Florida Foundation, and the University Athletic Association. Additionally, he was elected chairman of the Florida Student Association and served as the only student member on the Florida Board of Governors. Mr. Goldberg was inducted into the University of Florida Hall of Fame, is a member of Florida Blue Key Honorary, and was chosen as an Outstanding Male Graduate.

Katherine Vaughn

As the Director of Claims for USA Truck, a DB Schenker company, I am responsible for managing the self-administration of auto liability, property, and cargo claims. I ensure that the investigation, documentation, liability decisions, reserving, negotiations, and settlements are handled according to our best practices. I also direct the workers compensation third-party administrator on their management of claims, determining coverage, selecting, and directing defense counsel, evaluating settlement exposure, and authorizing settlement. I joined DB Schenker after gaining valuable experience as a Trial Attorney with the United States Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Office of Chief Counsel, Enforcement and Litigation Division. Prior to joining the FMCSA, I was a Partner at a national firm and Vice-Chair of the Transportation Practice Group. My practice was devoted to the defense of general casualty matters including commercial trucking and automobile liability, products liability, and insurance coverage matters. I regularly represented clients in state and federal courts across the country while managing all phases of litigation, including pre-suit investigation, pleadings and motions practice, fact discovery, depositions, and expert discovery. I also served as a consultant for transportation clients in accident response procedures, rapid response accident investigations, and DOT audits and investigations. I am licensed to practice in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Oklahoma.

Kristen Johnson

Kristen MJ Johnson is Chief Legal Officer, Transportation Affairs, of Cargomatic. She is a legal strategist and thought leader, providing deep transportation industry knowledge and business partnership to oversee risk management, litigation and corporate strategy, and regulatory compliance. Prior to joining the Cargomatic executive team, Kristen was a partner managing the litigation group at Taylor Johnson PL, a transportation specialty law firm with a national footprint, and she now serves of counsel to the firm. In 2020, Kristen was the only private practice attorney selected as a Top Woman to Watch in Transportation by the Women In Trucking Association. She advises on risk management, case and witness preparation, regulatory response, compliance programs, and critical strategy. Kristen was a Fulbright Scholar and is active in her industry and community. She is a member of Women in Trucking, the Transportation Lawyers Association, the American, California, and Florida Trucking Associations, and the Conference of Freight Counsel. When she is not practicing law, she advocates for children and those in need.

Lynae McGill

Lynae has 21 years of experience in the insurance industry. Her first job out of college was with a large ‎personal lines carrier handling small auto claims but quickly found her passion in handling complex ‎bodily injury and litigation claims. For the past seven years, she has been handling transportation ‎claims involving complex coverage, serious loss, and litigation claims across the United States. She ‎currently is a Claims Manager at Nationwide handling Commercial Auto and Transportation claims in ‎the E&S Division. ‎

Marc Knoop

Chief Technology Officer, Traffix

Matt Grimm

Matt Grimm is the President of Greenwich Transportation Underwriters, a managing general agency and leading provider of insurance products and services to the logistics industry. Matt’s prior experience includes executive roles responsible for underwriting and claims with market leading insurers in trucking, moving and storage, last mile industries, and passenger transportation. His professional career began as an insurance defense attorney including defense of liability, damages, coverage, bad faith, and regulatory matters involving commercial wheels operators. He is a member of the Transportation Intermediaries Association, Transportation Lawyers Association, Conference of Freight Counsel, is licensed as a property & casualty and surplus lines agent, and is a certified Transportation Risk and Insurance Professional. Matt has presented on legal, contract, insurance coverage, and claims matters before national and state associations in the trucking, bus, limo, moving & storage, and home delivery industries.

Matthew Koch

Matthew C. Koch is a shareholder with Marwedel, Minichello & Reeb, P.C. His practice includes: • Defense of property brokers, transportation intermediaries, and multimodal equipment owners against claims for wrongful death and personal injury arising out of catastrophic trucking accidents • Defense of carriers, transportation intermediaries, warehouseman and customs brokers against claims for cargo loss and errors and omissions • Defense of maritime personal injury claims under the Jones Act, LHWCA, general maritime law • Insurance coverage counseling and litigation involving Shippers’ Interest/Open Marine Cargo, Cargo Legal Liability, Errors & Omissions, Hull, and P & I policies • Drafting and counseling transportation service contracts, standard terms and conditions, bills of lading and tariffs • Counseling on compliance with federal and state regulations applicable to maritime and transportation industry • Ship collisions, accidents, environmental incidents, including on-site rapid response investigation Matt is admitted and licensed to practice in the State of Illinois, and in the United States District Courts for the Northern District of Illinois, Central District of Illinois, Southern District of Illinois, Eastern District of Wisconsin, Western District of Wisconsin, Northern District of Indiana, Eastern District of Michigan, and in the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Matt is a member of the Transportation Lawyers Association, Conference of Freight Counsel, Transportation Logistics Council, and Maritime Law Association. He graduated from Loyola University Chicago magna cum laude in 2001. He received his law degree from Saint Louis University in 2004, where he was an editor for the Saint Louis University Law Journal and a recipient of the Academic Excellence Award in Evidence.

Neal Krokosky

As a litigation manager and trusted business advisor, I leverage a thoughtful approach to deliver on desired results. Litigation can be a challenging process, particularly for those who are unfamiliar with the legal system. I collaborate with clients to identify goals and develop legal strategy that helps attain them in a creative, cost-conscious manner.

Patrick Bobo

Profile Patrick Bobo is Chief Legal Officer for U.S. Multimodal Group (“USMMG”), a nationwide network of intermodal companies headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee. USMMG’s network includes Alliance Shippers (an award-winning Intermodal Marketing Company with broker and freight forwarder authority), Port X Logistics (a broker and motor carrier), and more than a dozen asset-based drayage companies located at various ports and rail terminals across the United States. In his role as CLO, he oversees legal, risk, and compliance for all the USMMG companies. Prior to joining USMMG in October 2022, Patrick spent 10 years as in-house counsel at Coyote Logistics, working out of the Chattanooga and Denver offices. He is a native Tennessean currently based in Denver, where he lives with his wife and three children. He is licensed to practice law in Tennessee and is also admitted in Colorado. Education University of Alabama-Huntsville, Political Science, 2004 Cumberland School of Law, Samford University, 2008 Contact 423-290-9034 (cell) 1801 Wewatta Street, 11th Floor, Denver, Colorado 80202

Peter A. Quinter

Globally ranked U.S. Customs and international trade law counselor and advocate, Peter Quinter, represents individuals and companies involved in the wide variety of legal issues associated with international trade and transportation, including litigation before federal courts across Florida and before the U.S. Court of International Trade in New York. Peter is a Florida Bar Board Certified international law attorney. Peter represents importers, exporters, customs brokers, international freight forwarders and other companies involved in a myriad of industry sectors and international supply chain matters, such as regulatory compliance and enforcement by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) including U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In addition, Peter’s practice includes skill in 1 of 7 advising on U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-regulated products, such as food, dietary supplements and cosmetics, and involving detained or refused merchandise. He also advises on the submission of petitions for removal of FDA Import Alerts. Moreover, Peter advises on legal issues involving licensing, investigations and penalties issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), and the U.S. Department of State’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). He advises clients on reducing penalties by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for hazardous materials or dangerous goods transported by air. Peter is passionate about solving the difficult problems his clients face. A people person at heart, Peter personally cares about establishing and maintaining productive relationships of trust – some of which include decades-long relationships with clients, colleagues and federal representatives – and offering the potential to realize efficient resolution to even the most challenging trade conditions. Prior to private practice, Peter served as legal counsel at the Southeast Regional Headquarters of the U.S. Customs Service (now known as U.S. Customs and Border Protection) in Miami, Florida. His responsibilities included providing legal advice and representation to management of customs on all matters involving the administration and enforcement of the customs and international trade laws. He advised on virtually all U.S. Customs activities undertaken by its enforcement, commercial operations, fines, penalties and forfeitures, and regulatory audit personnel. Peter also assisted the U.S. Department of Justice in civil and criminal prosecutions on various customs violations, including commercial fraud, trade embargoes and export controls. Prior to joining Gunster, Peter was a partner in a major commercial law firm, and head of its U.S. Customs and International Trade Law practice.

Richard Westley

Richard Westley is admitted in the state and federal courts of Wisconsin and is past president of the Transportation Lawyers Association. Richard’s practice includes litigation, with special focus on transportation-related issues such as freight loss and damage claims, issues relating to rates and service, property damage, personal injury as well as a variety of labor and employment issues. He has represented motor carriers in dozens of contested safety enforcement cases before the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. He has also frequently represented non-transportation parties in general business litigation matters including real estate and contract disputes, adverse possession, condemnation, easements, unemployment, workers compensation, wage and hour issues, overtime, and patent/trademark infringement. His transactional practice has also expanded to include a wide variety of transportation-related contracts as well as numerous mergers and acquisitions.

Ryan Eckert

Ryan Eckert is an attorney for the in-house legal team at Arrive Logistics, a leading North American freight broker. In his role, Ryan is responsible for litigation management of complex casualty, cargo, contractual and other claims throughout the county, as well as being a legal resource for Arrive's executive leadership team. Prior to joining Arrive, Ryan was an attorney for a Chicago-based firm litigating wrongful death, severe personal injury, and "bet the company" breach of contract matters in federal and state courts. Ryan earned his J.D. from DePaul University College of Law and completed his undergrad at Michigan State. Licensed in Illinois, Ryan enjoys traveling with his wife and son, exploring the world-class museums the City of Chicago has to offer, and cheering on the Detroit Lions and Michigan State Spartans.

Sandra Hiller

Sandra K. Hiller acts as in-house counsel to a group of privately owned transportation related entities, the largest of which is for-hire interstate motor carrier Dart Transit Company. Professional activities include serving in various capacities with the Transportation Lawyers Association and service on local and international non-profit organization boards.

Thomas Ehrhardt‎

Tom is a partner at Kopka Pinkus Dolin in Indiana and has tried over 80 cases to verdict. His trial ‎experience, in both state and federal courts, includes heavy trucking, wrongful death, catastrophic ‎personal injury, breach of contract and professional negligence. ‎ Associated with litigation defense firms for over 25 years, Tom concentrates his practice in the fields of ‎trial advocacy, transportation and logistics, to include heavy trucking, intermodal, cargo and hazardous ‎material claims. Prior to attending law school, Tom worked in management for the nation’s largest ‎privately held trucking company and LTL carrier. His “hands on” knowledge of the industry, from ‎dispatch, driver safety requirements, day-to-day logistics, labor relations, break bulk operations and risk ‎management provides Tom with a keen understanding of multiple transportation business models. More ‎importantly, it provides instant rapport with the drivers and companies that Tom represents.‎

Timothy Groustra

Timothy S. Groustra is a shareholder of Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, P.C. and the Managing Attorney of the Detroit office. He concentrates his practice in the areas of auto/no-fault, general liability, wrongful death, and other complex claims, with a particular emphasis in transportation law. Prior to joining Dickie McCamey, Mr. Groustra practiced with a local firm in Detroit. Outside of the office, Mr. Groustra is active in yacht racing, having competed in several World and National Championship regattas, including crewing for Terry Hutchinson in winning the One-Design 35 North American Championship in San Francisco in 2003.

William Worthington

William (“Billy”) Worthington has worked with Falvey Insurance Group since 2015. After graduating from the University of Arizona, Billy started his career working in the Freight & Logistics space. Billy joined Falvey to help develop and grow their Shipper’s Interest Product line. As Vice President, Shipper’s Interest, Billy’s roles include Underwriting and Underwriting operations.

Networking Events

TLA prides itself on the collegiality and unique networking environment its conferences create. The Chicago Regional Seminar and Bootcamp is no different. Enjoy any of the networking events we have planned. 

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TLA’s Corporate Counsel & New and Young Lawyers members will hold a reception for committee members only ​

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Join us for the Welcome Reception on Thursday where we will gather together to greet old friends and welcome our new members and first-time attendees.​

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Chicago’s restaurants are some of the best in the world, so don’t miss the annual Welcome Dinner where we will show our appreciation for the moderators and speakers who make the Chicago Regional Seminar and Boot Camp such a success.

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After a stimulating day of education, we will relax at the wine and cheese reception on Friday evening.​

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